That was a close call –  I almost got caught by my arch nemsis the winemaker. Fortunately I was helped by one of my friends woodsy(he’s an oak barrel) to help avoid capture.

Whilst we were chewing the cud we heard someone enter the wine cellar –  fortunately we were well hidden. We realised it was some winos doing a tour around the winery and cellars, so we decided to eve’s drop.  What can I say: the amount of deliberation about how the wine tasted was simply idiotic, boring and geekish. The wine was likened to a fresh zesty plum with a slice of lime giving a well structure acidity…………Blah Blah Blah(sorry I got bored listening to all the superlatives used). So I decided to go and interview the wine in question myself.

Her name was Gree from New Zealand, she was contained in a tall elegant bottle which made her look very attractive. When I introduced myself I noticed that she was somewhat upset with the tasting that had just happened. So rather than dwell on what had happened I decide to cheer her up – well, it worked a treat, and she soon perked up and gave me the inside track.

We start with her likes: she likes seafood and poultry, they lend themselves as beautiful partners with each other. I asked why and she in turn told me she has a certain sweetness with something tropical about her. She has a certain sharpness to her, however this only happens when you meet her for the first time.

To finish off I asked what her dislikes were: she doesn’t like red meat, desserts and birds.

As it was getting late I decided to say cheerio and move on in the world, but I promised Gree that I would came back soon. Another friend made, and definitely one to come back and see in a few years time to see hows she’s getting on.


Gree’s Vital Statistics

Winemakers Name – Kevin Judd

Wine Brand – Greywacke

Country – New Zealand

Region  – Marlborough

Grape – Pinot Gris

Vintage – 2012

Price – £17.50