Memoirs of the Escaped Grape,

I am the escaped grape. I was in the unfortunate position to have jumped out of the basket before I was pressed with my brothers and sisters to make wine or vinegar. So I had to think of a new future, and I had a eureka moment: rather than get trod on in a supermarket or spend my time sun bathing, I decided to explore the world of wine. Over the coming days, weeks, months or maybe years (if I can stay out of the reach of the winemakers), I will be exploring this strange fruit called the rotten grape and uncover their weaknesses to make the drinking of wine more of a pleasurable one.

Don’t worry, my vocabulary is limited, so I won’t be using big, complicated or just plain stupid descriptions: it all about fun and what you can taste.

Sorry gotta go, there is a winemaker on my heels…………I will make contact next week