Champagne and Marshmallows

I recently met up with Champ, and we started chatting.

She was starting to get bored being matched with smoked salmon, which is nice but to much of a good thing put you off.

We start to think about what foods she could try. It is apparent early on the conversation that she likes sweet foods, this got me thinking(dangerous I know) but I had a wild and whacky idea. What about marshmallows, so we have been talking to other grapes too see what they think, shop bought ones have been crossed off the list, however homemade one may be the key.

Gotta run need to get some sugar to start experimenting in the kitchen.



That was a close call

That was a close call –  I almost got caught by my arch nemsis the winemaker. Fortunately I was helped by one of my friends woodsy(he’s an oak barrel) to help avoid capture.

Whilst we were chewing the cud we heard someone enter the wine cellar –  fortunately we were well hidden. We realised it was some winos doing a tour around the winery and cellars, so we decided to eve’s drop.  What can I say: the amount of deliberation about how the wine tasted was simply idiotic, boring and geekish. The wine was likened to a fresh zesty plum with a slice of lime giving a well structure acidity…………Blah Blah Blah(sorry I got bored listening to all the superlatives used). So I decided to go and interview the wine in question myself.

Her name was Gree from New Zealand, she was contained in a tall elegant bottle which made her look very attractive. When I introduced myself I noticed that she was somewhat upset with the tasting that had just happened. So rather than dwell on what had happened I decide to cheer her up – well, it worked a treat, and she soon perked up and gave me the inside track.

We start with her likes: she likes seafood and poultry, they lend themselves as beautiful partners with each other. I asked why and she in turn told me she has a certain sweetness with something tropical about her. She has a certain sharpness to her, however this only happens when you meet her for the first time.

To finish off I asked what her dislikes were: she doesn’t like red meat, desserts and birds.

As it was getting late I decided to say cheerio and move on in the world, but I promised Gree that I would came back soon. Another friend made, and definitely one to come back and see in a few years time to see hows she’s getting on.


Gree’s Vital Statistics

Winemakers Name – Kevin Judd

Wine Brand – Greywacke

Country – New Zealand

Region  – Marlborough

Grape – Pinot Gris

Vintage – 2012

Price – £17.50

Memoires of an Escaped Grape

Memoirs of the Escaped Grape,

I am the escaped grape. I was in the unfortunate position to have jumped out of the basket before I was pressed with my brothers and sisters to make wine or vinegar. So I had to think of a new future, and I had a eureka moment: rather than get trod on in a supermarket or spend my time sun bathing, I decided to explore the world of wine. Over the coming days, weeks, months or maybe years (if I can stay out of the reach of the winemakers), I will be exploring this strange fruit called the rotten grape and uncover their weaknesses to make the drinking of wine more of a pleasurable one.

Don’t worry, my vocabulary is limited, so I won’t be using big, complicated or just plain stupid descriptions: it all about fun and what you can taste.

Sorry gotta go, there is a winemaker on my heels…………I will make contact next week